Executive Committee Members




               Position                             Name                                               Contact

               County Chairman                Bruce Harris                                     BruceHarrisLaw@gmail.com


               Vice Chair                           Annette Barfield                                 AnnetteBarfield@aol.com


               Secretary                           James Earl Skinner                            DJS1967@wildblue.net


               Treasurer                           Luann Yarberry                                 LYarberry@Higginbotham.net


               Chair Precinct#

               102                                     Jo Ann Chitwood                               JDChitwood@sbcglobal.net


               105                                     Donna Long                                      DonnaLong_98@yahoo.com


               108                                      Stephen Garner                               Ponies79@sbcglobal.net


               110                                      Bruce Harris                                      BruceHarrisLaw@gmail.com


               201                                      Tom Cross                                        Tec502004@yahoo.com




               204                                       Annette Barfield                               AnnetteBarfield@aol.com




               206                                      David Reed                                      BugDocTex@sbcglobal.net


               311                                      Hank Rugeley                                  HankRugeley@sbcglobal.net


               401                                      Karen Price                                      SandLot9@swbell.net


               403                                      Luann Yarberry                               LYarberry@Higginbotham.net


               404                                     Travis Bohannon                              TravisBohannon@sbcglobal.


               407                                     Gary Cook                                        GCookStarcom@msn.com


               412                                     James Earl Skinner                          DJS1967@wildblue.net


               414                                     James Gottfried                                TxAr44Dg@aol.com


    The Wichita County Republican Executive Committee meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each month at

    5:15 pm, in the Fidelity Bank Building, 2nd floor conference room, Parker Square, Wichita Falls, Texas.

    One exception: there will not be a meeting in December.



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