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Republican Patriots! Many of you have been signing up for the Mighty Texas Strike Force at Thank-you for your commitment. You WILL make a huge difference in this election. Please continue to sign-up online, but now you can contact your Texas area Captain or Battleground State Captain directly. We especially need many more team leaders to recruit 10 friends to deploy with you.


Remember, we need all of your ‘boots on the ground’ and ‘courageous voices’ for this October on 3 to 5-day long weekend trips or the longer intense ’10 – days’ before the November 8 Victory Election!! Yes, we all pay our own way, but will gladly accept personal donations to help us cover our costs. [Auxiliary clubs unfortunately may not donate as a club.]


Strike Force teams will include not only walking and phoning for our Presidential candidate but also crucial U.S. Senate and House seats and down-ballot races in the respective states and areas of Texas.


Your Captains will have a LOT of information to share with you. This is the perfect POLITICAL VACATION that our State Chairman Tom Mechler has been talking about for the past year and Texas will lead out in this effort. Your Captains are County Chairs, SRECs, Former Mighty Texas Strike Force leaders and Texas Republican Patriots. Please contact them soon. AND ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook. Send those Mighty Texas Strike Force recruiting pictures to your Captains!


Some of your clubs may wish to Phone Bank or Postcard as a team. Our PHONEBANK/POSTCARD CAPTAIN is RPT Vice Chair Amy Clark. She can be contacted at or 361-449-0300. (Since Amy lives in rural Texas, she may receive your texts easier than your phone calls.)





COLORADOEric Opiela – 512-791-6336 (Hometown –Karnes City )

Karen Newton – karencnewton@gmail.com210-863-5540 (Hometown -San Antonio)

(NOTE: Since this state votes entirely by mail, teams will probably go in late August or early September.)


FLORIDATeresa Doggett 512-801-3538 (Hometown – Austin)

Gerry Vanderbilt 512-585-4992 (Hometown – Austin)


IOWAPaul Reiger – 979-777-0759 ( Hometown – Bryan )

( Looking for an additional Co-Captain – contact Rhonda or Rick if interested. )


MICHIGAN - Mathew Walbeck 361-228-4612 (Hometown -Kingsville)

Mike Dominguez 512-761-1266 (Hometown -Austin)


MINNESOTANancy Coplen – 817-300-8351 (Hometown -Colleyville)

(Note: Looking for an additional Co-Captain – contact Rhonda or Rick if interested)


NEVADAMike McCloskey – 512-627-1129 ( Hometown-Cedar Park )

Kay Butchko – 936-205-6001 ( Hometown -Nacogdoches)


NEW HAMPSHIRECarlton Berry 713-858-7838 (Hometown -Houston)

(Note: Looking for an additional Co-Captain – Contact Rhonda or Rick if interested.)


NEW MEXICOCarl Tepper 806-470-2354 ( Hometown -Lubbock )

(Note: Looking for an additional Co-Captain – Contact Rhonda or Rick if interested.)


NORTH CAROLINAJanet Jackson 254-790-1187 ( Hometown -Bosque County)

Byron Cain 972-207-9712 (Hometown -Dallas)


OHIOBrent and Julie Thompson 512-923-6124 512 -952-7518 (Hometown -Tyler)


PENNSYLVANIANathalie Swisher 210-269-4367 (Home-New Braunfels)

Dewayne Naumann 512-627-0879 (Home -Austin)


VIRGINIAJames Dickey 512-623-0276 ( Austin )

Monica Painter 203-912-9579


WISCONSIN – No Captains to date

We have also been told that there is a need for Strike Forces for the U.S. Senate races in Indiana and Arizona and possibly Maine and Louisiana. No teams at the moment.





BEAUMONTWill Robbins 409-201-6185


CORPUS CHRISTIRebecca Bradford 361-877-3711


DALLAS COUNTYCindy Asche 214-356-7669


EL PASOSherry Pry 915-474-3364


HARRIS COUNTYSarah Singleton 281-698-0803


THE VALLEYAdrienne Pena-Garza 956-227-1366

And two very critical Congressional races – One an incumbent and the other to replace a democrat.


SAN ANTONIO/ WILL HURD’S 23RD CDDeborah Wall – 210-325-1973

And AUSTIN – SUSAN NARVAIZ for CD 35 - Naomi Narvaiz 512-738-7000

Mike Goldman 713-502-1604


Onward to Victory in November,

Rhonda Lacy Rick Potter

Co-Chairman, MTSF Co-Chairman, MTSF



Wichita County

Republican Women


Donald J Trump

Wichita Co

Republican Party